BUICK ELECTRA 225 DOOR CONVERTIBLE VIN4B4679H369029 1969 80 224.8

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$26,000 - $30,000


BUICK ELECTRA 225, 2-DOOR CONVERTIBLE, VIN4B4679H369029, 1969, W 80", L 224.8" ^

Having a light gray finish and black convertible top. Has a rebuilt (2015), 429ci, 360 hp, V-8 engine VIN4B4679H369029. Turbine-Drive automatic transmission. Approximately 4541lbs curb weight. 224.8" (18.73 ft.) L. x 80" (6.67 ft.) W. Miles on odometer: 21,942 (in access of 100,000). Frame was restored. Copy of title on file.

good used condition, Per the consigner, motor was rebuilt in 2015 and frame was restored. GA.

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