What We Sell:

DuMouchelles focuses on high end and unique fine art, decorative art and other objets d'art - from antiques to modern to contemporary. We also specialize in jewelry, coins and currency and certain furniture of notable value. Whether you have a single item, a collection, or an estate, DuMouchelles handles every aspect of the auction process from research, marketing, to sale and payment. Every item is given the attention it deserves to maximize its auction potential.

Sometimes, you may treasure an item, but due to consignment minimums, insufficient demand and/or changing tastes, some items may not be suitable for our auctions.

Please contact us directly at 313-963-6255 to determine if your items are suited for consignment.

We have been serving buyers and sellers for nearly 100 years and therefore have tremendous brand recognition and our Detroit gallery is in a highly visible and trafficked area - directly across from the landmark Renaissance Center. We conduct auctions monthly so the time from consignment to getting you paid is substantially shorter than other auction houses – and can be as quick as two months. Our team of experienced experts, photographers, and support staff provides outstanding client service and transactional ease. We attend to the details of bringing your items to market, and our comprehensive marketing strategy ensures that your collection is extensively marketed to maximize exposure and prices realized, while professionally representing your collection to the most qualified collectors around the globe. Our marketing program is included in our fee:

  • We provide collectors with detailed and researched descriptions, condition reports and high definition photography
  • Our auction print brochure is mailed to thousands of vetted collectors and customers around the globe. Our online catalogue is available free of charge at www.dumoart.com to download. In a typical sale, this catalogue is viewed by the tens of thousands of people who visit our website
  • We pay for targeted digital and print marketing campaigns and radio on-air and streaming campaigns
  • We partner and advertise with third parties such as LiveAuctioneers and Invaluable, to ensure that the entire collector community –millions of collectors globally- is engaged in our auctions
  • Unique compared to many auction houses, we offer public and private previewing in our gallery for a week prior to the auctions to ensure prospective buyers have an opportunity to see and examine items in person
  • Our professionally created virtual video tour of auction previews is also available to prospective bidders to preview in the comfort of their own home

We are pleased to invite you to submit items for us to review for potential auction material. If you are seeking a written appraisal for insurance, tax, estate or other purposes, please contact us at 313-963-6255.

We offer several convenient options for you to submit items:

  • Contact us We will provide complimentary estimates on up to 5 items per person. If you have a large collection or estate, please send us photos and information for the best or most representative 5-10 items, in addition to an overall view of each room so that we have an opportunity to see that special item that, while you may not think is valuable, has potential in the global market.
    Please include:
    •  Two to three photos of each piece, from various perspectives, including any signatures or marks
    •  Approximate dimensions
    •  The condition of items, including any chips, damage, and/or restoration.
    •  Any additional information such as provenance, etc.
    If your items are ones we can offer at auction, we will respond with an estimate within 5 to 7 business days. Please note, all estimates based on photos may change once we are able to examine the items in person.
  • Visit our gallery on any Wednesday or Saturday 11am – 5pm ET. You can bring your items or your photos. If you are unsure of whether your items meet our auction criteria and consignment thresholds, please call us in advance of your visit at 313-963-6255. If you have more than 5 items, please contact the gallery to see if it’s possible to schedule an appointment with one of our appraisers.
  • In-Home Visit —If you have multiple items or a large collection, please call us at 313-963-6255 to discuss your items and determine if we can schedule a complimentary appointment with an appraiser to visit your location. Our appraiser will do a walk through and provide verbal estimates on relevant items and discuss which items can be auctioned. We serve Michigan and out-of-state collections.
Selling Process

Once our appraisers have accepted your items for consignment, we will provide you a Consignment Agreement with the terms of sale. Our commission is calculated on a sliding scale dependent on the final hammer price - the more that an item sells for, the less commission is drawn..

Once the Consignment Agreement has been completed, we will schedule a mutually agreeable delivery date to our Detroit gallery. Should you require assistance, our gallery can assist you with potential shippers and they can provide you with complimentary quotes.

Your items will be catalogued, photographed, and placed in our next available upcoming auctions. Our online, transparent bidding process allows you to follow the sale from the posting of the auction catalogue through the final sale.

Within a week after the auction, you will receive a preliminary settlement statement. and your proceeds will be mailed to you within 4-6 weeks after the purchasers have paid for and received your items.

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